Environmental Engineering Services

The Nexus Consulting has experience with due diligence requirements and knowledge of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, Environmental Guidelines and Protocols set by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other agencies for carrying out Environmental Assessment in order to assist our client mitigate any negative Environmental Impact during the Planning, Designing, Execution and Operation of Projects.

Nexus Consulting has a dedicated team to carryout studies and develop design and projects related to the following Environmental areas:

– Alternate Energy Project Feasibility and Environmental & Social Impact Studies.

– Planning, Designing and Execution of Water and Wastewater Projects.

– Feasibility studies and Design of Landfill Sites, Garbage Transfer Station, Waste to Energy Facilities for Municipal Waste Management.

– Feasibility Studies and Design of Health Care Waste Management including installation of Incineration and Waste Sterilization Units.

– Studies and Design of Industrial Waste Management Systems.

– Biogas Studies, Feasibility and Commissioning of Plants.