Solid Waste Management Services

The Nexus Consulting is committed to provide efficient and effective solutions to solid waste management issues. Our clients include private waste management firms and municipal governments, provincial/state, and federal governments. We have acquired extensive experience in all aspects of solid waste management services from the initial conception of a facility or system to all aspects of ongoing operations support. Our broad experience in solid waste management has allowed us to produce guidance documents and reference books and assist governments in the development of regulations.

As a full-service engineering and environmental firm, we are able to provide complete waste management solutions. We interact with external groups and internal divisions to provide complete solutions for our clients.

Our solid waste management services include:

Facility and system planning – initial assessments and environmentally-sound plans for new or expanding facilities.

Permits and approvals – documentation required by regulators, negotiations with regulators on approval issues, and expert testimony.

Facility design – detailed designs for facilities including the preparation of design drawings, contracts and specifications, bid/tender period assistance, and contract administration.

Operations, monitoring, and data management – operating services, operations and monitoring plans for new or existing facilities, facility monitoring, management of collected data, and data analysis/reporting as required.

Remediation and closure – remedial solutions for problem facilities and development of closure plans and related documents.

Construction-design and build-operate – complete design-build-operate services for solid waste management projects.