Key Human Resource

S/No. Name Brief Experience
 1  Engr. Nabeel Hassan Shaikh –  Director (Partner) 

EMBA (IBA, Karachi),

ME (Construction Management), NEDUET , BE Civil Engineering

 He has around 12 years of experience in the area of Infrastructure Development and completed multidisciplinary development projects, having experience of  Commercial and public buildings, Water supply & sewage schemes etc, with  expertise in Project Management, Organization Development, Engineering Development & Management, Contract Management, Procurement Management, Construction Management etc.. He worked as Team Leader and  as Expert consultant at different projects with World Bank, Public Sector Agencies & Departments, Private Sector, Autonomous bodies etc.
 2  Engr. Owais Ahmed 

Principal Engineer

MEM (Construction Management),BE Civil , B Tech Hons & Pass , DAE Civil

 He has more than 15 years of experience in the area of Civil engineering and completed numerous Educational, health, Commercial nature of projects having expertise of cost engineering and control, Budget Estimates and preparation of tender & bidding documents. He also worked as individual consultant for World bank and served before with various public sector  & private sector etc.
 3  Engr. Sheikh Muhammad Zain Ur
Rehman –

Assistant Resident Engineer

B.E Civil Engineering


He is self-motivated, highly committed and organized team player having strong knowledge and more than 4 years of experience in the field of BRT’s, Rehabilitation and construction of roads, drainage & sewerage lines etc.
 4  Engr. Syed Umair Haider  –  

Structure Engineer)

BS Civil Engineering (SSUET)

He is Independent self-motivated individual having more than 9
years of experience in High-rise buildings, Steel Structures, Wooden Structures, Infrastructures etc.
 5  Mr. Mohammad Ali – (Construction Manager) 

B.Tech 0 Civil

He has more than 20 years of experience of leading various construction projects which includes buildings, public buildings, high rise commercial complex, road, bridges, infrastructure projects, water supply, sewerage networks etc.